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For a small island, Sri Lanka is rich in biological diversity. Yet, this natural wealth is under threat from various sources, including invasive alien species. IAS grow rapidly, compete vigorously, push out native species and alter ecosystems. Their impacts are enormous and they have the potential to cause damage to the environment, human health, livelihoods and the economy.
Guinea grass
iasOrange cestrum
ias Alstonia macrophylla
ias Annona glabra
ias common gas
ias Hambu pan eng
ias Lantana camara
ias Mesquite
ias Opuntia dillenii
ias Parthenium
ias Pitch apple
ias Salvinia molesta
ias Shrubby dillenia
ias soap bush
ias Water hyacinth
ias Wild tamarind
kalpu andara
Creeping ox eye
Cuscuta campestris
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Information for the public knowledge about Invasive Alien Species in Sri Lanka...

AS policy Intro
Information about the policies of Invasive Alien Species in Sri Lanka...

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