Najas Marina

Water hyacinth

Character identification:

New Aquatic Invasive Plant was identified as Najas Marina., the common name is “Katu Penda” (Could be changed) which is aspiny, submerged & mesh forming the aquatic plant. It has been spread rapidly over the tank.

This was the first reported case of this plant in the inland aquatic ecosystem, as it is an IAS found in marine water.

There is a possibility for rapid growth & spread of this plant if the existing environmental conditions become favorable for the plant.

Plants can rapidly be spreading shallow water depth area with vegetative propagation.
As Plants are spiny they can cause skin damages and damages for fishing nets & may show allergy conditions when touching with the skin

Rapid actions need to be taken to prevent further spread of this species from Mahakanadarawa tank to the other tanks and canal system (Irrigation System).

Removal of whole plants as much as possible (eradication) is important using suitable Physical methodology.

Conducting awareness programme on new invasion & Invasive Alien Species for field officers of all the line agencies &farmer community in Mahakanadarawa Scheme:


“Shramadana campaigns” were conducted for two days to remove new Invasive plants physically from the Mahakanadarawa Tank

There were about 70 people who contributed to this activity (Department labors, soldiers of Army, Navy & Civil Security Forces & Farmers)

Specially designed rakes were used to pull out the plants from soil & transported to the shallow end of the tank using boats. Then loaded into the tractors & finally dumped in a deep pit dug 50m beyond the tank.

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