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A Pictorial Idenfification Guide to Invasive Alien Species of Sri Lanka

Natopnal Priority and Potentially Invasive Allian Species.




An IAS is a non-native plant or animal species that, because of its grown and reproductive characteristics, can adapt to one or more habits very quickly and proliferate, expanding in range. IAS are identified as a growing threat to biodiversity and also have negative impacts on economy, agriculture, tourism and society. This pictorial identification guide is intended to be used as a tool to help identify IAS in Sri Lanka. It also provides information on habitats/ecosystems that are threatened by IAS, their present distribution and proposed or possible control methods for each IAS mentioned in this guide.

Correct identification is the most important step in IAS management. Prevention of entry of invasive species is the most cost effective and identification increases the chances of eradicating an IAS at its initial stage of establishment of IAS in new areas as well as early detection of such species. It is expected that the reader will use this pictorial identification guide along with the three training modules (Training Manual for (1) managers and Policymakers, (2) teachers and students and (3) Farmers and General public) which have been prepared in parallel with this guide to provide broader knowledge on IAS and their management.

The users of this guide are requested to contact the relevant organizations that have been mentioned at the end of this guide for further information on IAS identification or to report your observations.


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